This tutorial guides you through setting up your OBiWifi Wireless Adapter with the OBi IP Phone

(Click Here for a printable Version)

Connect the power adapter to the OBi IP phone

Insert the OBiWiFi dongle in the USB port 1 on the back of the phone

Refer to the screenshots below to connect OBi Phone with your WiFi network:

1. Select Settings on the phone screen

2. Select OBiWiFi

3. Click on “Scan” (bottom right of the screen)

4. Select the WiFi network you would like to connect to

5. Click on “Connect” to enter your network password

6. Enter the WiFi password if required

You will see a WiFi icon (see screenshot below) on top of the screen once OBi Phone is successfully connected to your WiFi network. Dial **9 222 222 222 to verify if the OBi is able to reach out to the internet, or you may dial 611 to reach us at Clear Voice One to say that you're testing your phone.